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The American Psychological Association has some tips for maintaining an overall lifestyle of wellness and happiness:

Practice healthy eating and stress management. If you turn to less nutritious foods or alcohol when under stress, your kids will learn to do the same.

Talk to each other. Teach your children that it’s OK to discuss their problems with you. Keeping lines of communication open among all family members promotes better decision making and stronger bonds.

Clean up your environment. Our surroundings have an impact on our moods. Decrease the stress factor in your family’s life by reducing clutter as a family.

When life is hectic, we have a tendency to let go of our leisure time with one another and with ourselves. But keeping happy breathing space is good for the soul and the body. Take time to play with your kids, read a book, cook and laugh together.

Change one habit at a time. If you recognize your family needs to eat healthier or exercise more, adjust your lifestyle one step at a time to avoid making goals seem overwhelming. Add more vegetables to the family dinner table one week. The next week, start taking short walks together after the meal.

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