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Perhaps more elusive than the perfect gift for the hard-to-please relative is finding a perfect balance of simplicity and serenity in a season of excess. Young Living Essential Oils offer tools and solutions for the inner calm and outward organization you seek.

Frenetic activity does not necessarily equal a rejuvenating workout. Yet carving out time for daily exercise is essential when you’re maxing out your energy reserves. Diffusing fragrances like Citrus Fresh™, Lemon, Tangerine and Lime Essential Oils will perk up your senses when energy is flagging. Try diffusing Peppermint Essential Oil for a scent that invites feelings of peace so you can concentrate on your workout and leave the task list for later. Reviving your body through exercise allows you to work more efficiently at conquering holiday chores.

Diffuse Oils to Shut Out Life’s Background Noise

Diffusing oils like Young Living’s Clarity™ and Brain Power™ invite a sense of clarity and alertness and make it easier to strategize how best to shop, cook and clean your way through the season. Young Living’s Common Sense offers a proprietary blend formulated with an aroma to encourage a sense of purpose so save this life-saving scent for present-picking!

When the stressful pace of the holidays leaves you feeling overwhelmed and short-tempered, prioritize a time of relaxation. You can accomplish more after a period of rejuvenation. Try diffusing scents that encourage relaxation and centering such as Young Living’s Humility™ or Harmony™ Essential Oils, which have calming and relaxing properties. Diffusing relaxing scents such as Highest Potential™ or Dream Catcher™ while practicing yoga and meditation can encourage deeper meditation.

As evenings come on earlier and dark hours outnumber daylight, it is important to make sure you get adequate rest. Lavender Essential Oil can be added to a warm bath or a pillowcase and diffused for its soothing, calming fragrance. Once you’ve achieved a good night’s sleep, problems are easier to solve and personal tensions are eased.

Above all, the holiday season is meant to be joyful—however that looks to you and your family. Keeping a positive mindset is easier with fragrances such as Release®, Peace & Calming II®, or Northern Lights Black Spruce Essential Oils. With their unique, relaxing aromas, these oils elicit those very feelings of an uplifted mind, hopeful heart and simple yet perfect peace.

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